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Managing Risk: How Companies May be Entangled in the Huawei Web and Not Even Know It

Potomac CEO Mark Cowan has extensive experience helping companies, both foreign and US-based, navigate the complex regulatory and business environments, with a keen eye for assessing risk management strategy. Mark is adept at helping companies mitigate risk to maximize their potential while dealing with the difficulties of doing business in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

The recent Huawei scandal and associated actions taken by this administration have put companies in a tail spin as they seek to find ways to cooperate with Government mandates without hamstringing vital business functions. Richard Levick, Found and CEO of LEVICK, an industry-leading communications, public relations and business consulting firm who is also an outside expert for Potomac, recently penned a guest piece for Forbes in which he addressed the complicated consequences that businesses are facing in the aftermath of the trade restrictions placed on US companies who do business with Huawei.

Specifically, Levick addressed the consequences of the restrictions as they relate to supply chain management. Huawei is a massive global organization with an incredibly complex web of corporate ownerships in myriad industries and says that companies may be affected and not even know it due to the many different holdings and subsidiaries Huawei is a part of. Levick reached out to Mark to leverage his experience and get a US business veteran’s insight on the situation. Careful monitoring and scenario planning are essential if companies are to continue doing business without any hiccups Mark said, with a particular eye towards assessing the political and economic motivations of the Administration. Good advice, but as with many international business situations, there is more than meets the eye.

Read the article and see what other advice Mark had to give here.

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