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Our Success Stories

Government Relations

Potomac Secures Victory for Fortune 100 Aircraft Manufacturer Facing OSHA Accusations

Potomac executives took on as a client a Fortune 100 U.S. aircraft manufacturing company that was facing OSHA accusations. Through an extensive government relations and lobbying program, Potomac was able to help them successfully eliminate all willful violations against them.

Potomac Leads Foreign Manufacturer to Overcome Unjust Tariffs Amid Fierce Competition

Potomac was hired by a large foreign manufacturing firm that was being aggressively targeted by well-funded, entrenched competitors in an AD/CVD case. Due to the efforts of their competitors, year after year the Department of Commerce (DOC) continually applied a punitive tariff rate, ignoring the company’s requests for a conversation with senior leadership about how to resolve the issues and for a renewed inspection of their facilities in order to calculate a fairer rate. Potomac implemented a targeted government relations strategy, utilizing their congressional delegation, and high-level state officials, including the state’s governor, to speak to the Secretary of Commerce on their behalf. This includes securing a call from a prominent Senator, who up until Potomac approached him had refused to involve himself personally on the company’s behalf. Subsequently, DOC agreed to the facility inspection, and the long-awaited conversation between a top-level official (Assistant Secretary) and the company about the specific issues of concern to Commerce took place. As part of this targeted plan, Potomac also helped the company to track the activities of its competitors and their lobbyists and provided an analysis of their relationships throughout the bureaucracy at Commerce – enabling us to identify enemies and more effectively path out a strategy at the agency.  

Potomac's Advocacy Leads to Reversal of Tariff Exclusion, Securing Renewable Energy Manufacturer's Interests

A large manufacturer of products for the renewable energy market engaged Potomac to lobby the US Trade Representative (USTR) and the Department of Commerce (DOC) against the Administration’s recent decision to provide a tariff exclusion for rival products. The company feared the decision would be harmful to its business both in the US and abroad. In response, Potomac helped the company to coordinate lobbying activities of the company and a coalition of like-minded domestic producers to fight for repeal of the harmful decision. Elements of the program included visits with senior-level White House officials, securing Congressional support and arranging their communications to the top targets at the USTR, presenting up-to-date economic data that showed the harmful impact of the proposed exclusion, and coordination of input from local officials at the city, county and state levels – including having the Governor of the state personally call the White House. Potomac also assisted the company in holding an event at its US plant to highlight the issue, and also included direct lobbying of officials at International Trade Commission, the Department of Energy (DOE) and more in addition to those listed above. The result of the coordinated lobbying and engagement campaign was the unprecedented reversal of the tariff exclusion order only weeks after its release. 

Potomac's Strategic Guidance and Relationship Building Propels US Expansion for a Large Energy Firm

One of the world’s largest energy companies hired Potomac principals to provide DC representation for the company’s oil and gas sector business in the United States. Potomac provided regular intel on relevant regulatory and political developments at the state and national level and how it impacts current and planned investments; advice and counsel on how to successfully overcome those regulatory obstacles; and helped the company build relationships with important officials who can be helpful to their business and future growth. This allowed the company to be responsive to regulatory developments and the national and state levels that impacted their business and led to the development of a cadre of allies across federal and local government. The information and relationship building program developed by Potomac enabled the company to pursue a major US investment with confidence.

International Market Entry

Potomac Restores Contract for European Traffic Control Provider

Counseled a European company in the procurement of a major contract for a traffic control product in several major U.S. cities in the southwestern region of the country. Well-connected competitors soon intervened, arguing that the European company should not have won the contract because they were foreign. On that basis, the contract was reversed and awarded to a U.S. firm with an inferior product. We put together a media and public relations campaign to reverse the overturn of the contract to the inferior company, and the European company was re-awarded their original position in a major traffic control plan for the cities.

Federal Marketing

Potomac Aids Foreign Aerospace Firm in Winning U.S. Military Bid

Potomac executives assisted a major foreign aerospace conglomerate in winning a contract with a branch of the U.S. military. The contract was initially fought on the grounds that a foreign company should not produce for the U.S. military.  We represented the company by helping demonstrate its soundness and stability, as well as product superiority, while simultaneously assisting the company in establishing a U.S. subsidiary.  The contract was ultimately awarded to the foreign conglomerate. 


Potomac Guides IT Company to Successful Department of Defense Deal

Potomac represents a client that provides expertise in implementing and customizing a certain IT system that was recently adopted by the Department of Defense. Potomac identified all the key players involved in the implementation of the IT system, discerned their needs and motivations, and used that to help introduce the company and pitched to them why they needed that company’s services. In parallel, we met with the company’s congressional delegation and other congressmen with an interest in Defense IT issues. One congressman, after meeting with us, added an amendment to legislation requesting that the Department of Defense contract with a company such as our client. Our client is now deep into negotiations with the Department of Defense about how they might provide this service to them, and the relationship-building effort has also opened an opportunity for them to provide a similar service to the VA.


Potomac Elevates Cybersecurity Firm's Presence in Federal Sphere

Potomac worked with one of the world’s leading cybersecurity firms to position them to engage with the federal government. Potomac conducted high-level meetings with the US Cyber Coordinator and members of the NSC, and DHS. We also arranged a day-long policy event that brought together our client, federal Chief Information Officers, and possible partners – allowing them to engage and build relationships and increase the firm’s visibility in an informal environment.  These successful events continue to this day.


Potomac Catalyzes Federal Market Breakthrough for Small Cybersecurity Firms

Potomac recently made a significant impact in the cybersecurity industry by facilitating the integration of two small businesses into the federal market through a large contract holder. The successful integration not only allowed the small businesses to secure contracts with the federal government in an expedited timeframe but also provided them with invaluable experience and exposure in the industry.

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