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Potomac Senior VP Koushakjian Joins Panel at Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches Artificial Intelligence Luncheon

Feb. 13 2024 / WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Attendees were charged to embrace the reality of artificial intelligence in almost every area of day-to-day life at the lunchtime panel discussion hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches on Tuesday, February 13, at the West Palm Beach Marriott.


Moderator Pamela Toussaint, President, UIC eLearning Academy, expertly guided the knowledgeable panelists through a lively discussion on the impact of AI on small businesses, government, labor, community, the home, and more. The Chamber luncheon featured remarks from panelists Melanie Rogers, Manager of Cybersecurity Strategy, Next Era Energy, Taniel ‘TK’ Koushakjian, Senior Vice President, Potomac International Partners, Inc., and Christopher Hopkins, Attorney, McDonald Hopkins LLC.


Mrs. Rogers opened the panel and presented on the past and present state of artificial intelligence engineering from the 1950’s to present day. She also shared a variety of tools currently available, their uses, and how students, professionals, and academics could all benefit from using artificial intelligence.


Mr. Koushakjian presented past and pending federal legislation on artificial intelligence, White House Executive Orders on AI from the Trump and Biden Administrations, Congressional and federal agency rules to date, as well as state legislative efforts underway. He also discussed the role of AI in U.S. elections, recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rulings, and various examples of AI use in campaigns.


Mr. Hopkins discussed the emergence of AI from a legal perspective, new implications from the emergence of AI and its use, as well as how this area of law is currently being approached in the court room today.  He also shared how legal professionals are using AI tools and best practices for attorneys who looking to embrace the technology in an ethical way.


Attendees were encouraged to invest time in learning and engaging with the various AI tools early and in as many ways as possible, while maintaining the ethical and moral balance that could be jeopardized by misuse and failure to credit information sources.

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