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International Market Entry

Today's business is global but politics continue to remain local. Having the ability to successfully navigate through local politics offers a critical advantage to firms as they seek to enter into a new international market. 

Whether US companies seeking entry into non-US markets, or foreign companies seeking entry into the US market, this much is true: success comes faster when the approach is made by trusted locals who understand the culture and the local political needs. 

Potomac deploys a team of experienced cabinet and C-suite level professionals around the world who are trusted based on their accomplishments as senior business, government, or military leaders. This team ushers you through the process step by step to ensure the right doors are opened and that a high level of trust is established.

Trust, experience, and cultural understanding all act to shorten the time to enter the market, and

to realize revenue.

US government building

Service Areas

  • Global Market Entry Solutions

  • Trade & Trade Policy

  • Sovereign - Wealth/Investment/Strategic Funds

  • Global Political Risk Analysis

  • Foreign Direct Investment/PPP

  • Acquisitions

  • State/Country Financial Incentives


  • Senior and experienced on-the-ground teams in multiple countries available to assist and carry out your objectives

  • Unique ability to help foreign corporations successfully enter U.S. markets and navigate unforeseen hurdles

  • Through our strategic partnerships, we help your government identify opportunities to attract FDI and structure PPP's

  • Successfully counseled governments and corporations to work with the World Bank Group; IDB; African Development Bank; and OECD

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Potomac represents individuals, companies, trade associations, sovereign nations, and NGOs in three main practice areas.

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