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Government Relations

Lots of firms offer access. We offer success. Access alone is not enough. Success depends on building alliances on both sides of the aisle and promoting solutions that benefit constituents and serve the national interest.

We are a focused team of experienced, bipartisan professionals. We’ve served in senior political appointed as well as career government roles, yet we also have real commercial experience. We thrive at the intersection of business and government. We know the process, the people, and the pressure points in Congress, the Administration and across the regulatory agencies. Our track record includes successes in the fields of trade, regulatory matters, securing

government incentives and contracts, establishing new laws and getting outdated laws updated or removed.


If you have a problem with government, we can help solve it. State, local, federal and foreign governments are within our sphere. If there is an opportunity in government, we can secure it.

US government building

Service Areas

  • Political Strategy

  • Bi-partisan Coalitions

  • Congressional Lobbying

  • Access to Federal Agencies

  • Regulatory Negotiations

  • Sovereign Government Representation


  • National Security

  • Technology/Cybersecurity

  • Energy

  • Issue Coalitions

  • E-commerce

  • Telecommunications

  • Financial Services

  • Health Care

Shared Office

Potomac represents individuals, companies, trade associations, sovereign nations, and NGOs in three main practice areas.

Let Us Represent You!

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