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About Us

Potomac International Partners is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that matches ideas with needs and creates opportunities from challenges.

We go beyond consulting and counsel with actionable solutions that address real world issues in real time.


We deliver winning programs for clients navigating policy and political challenges, building brands, protecting reputations, and entering new markets here and abroad.

Practice Areas

Potomac represents individuals, companies, trade associations, and NGOs
in three main practice areas

US government building

Lots of firms offer access. We offer success. Access alone is not enough. Success depends on

building alliances on both sides of the aisle and promoting solutions that benefit constituents and

serve the national interest.

Man Signing

The US Government is Fortune One. But making Uncle Sam your customer is no easy task.Our federal marketing team understands how to navigate the complexities of selling products and services to the world’s largest customer. We help companies identify and pursue opportunities through knowledge of the process and familiarity with decision-makers.

Business Meeting

Today's business is global, but politics remains to be local. And local politics often are critical to a successful entry into a new international market. Whether US companies seeking entry into non-US markets, or foreign companies seeking entry into the US market, this much is true: success comes faster when the approach is made by trusted locals who understand the culture and the local political needs.

Meet Our Experts

Potomac International Partners is a group of multidisciplinary consulting experts who match ideas, needs, opportunities, and challenges with specific actions. We go beyond simple consulting and counsel, providing real time, real world action steps geared towards achieving success for our clients.


Washington, DC  



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