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Guilherme Miranda Mello

Guilherme is a professional with extensive experience in foreign affairs with focus in international trade and marketing activities – he has been working for over 25 years throughout Brazil and he has been able to create several opportunities opening up commercial channels, import facilitation, logistics and such elements, distribution network, sales team, technical support as well as strategic partners and joint venture agreements.

With access to Institutions and private companies he has been servicing clients within a wide range of projects, supporting individuals and groups in consulting and market entry, also for trade missions to Brazil, from the USA, Australia and from The Netherlands, among other countries covering the following industry sectors: agriculture; energy; biotechnology; genetics; food and beverages; education; sports; health; medical; dental; construction; infra-structure; environmental & waste management and water resources, mining; IT; telecommunications; cosmetics; textile; household appliances; footwear; metal-mechanics; furniture; electronics; automotive; equipment and tooling; avionics; oil and gas; plastics; defense; among others.

Such a wide range of activities and segments allowed companies to generate sales and to have on-the- ground presence in the Brazilian marketplace – providing clients the reliance of international support.

With a degree in Business Administration from the university named UNA-Centro Universitário in Brazil, and extension studies at Ohio State University, USA, he is fluent in English and Portuguese and high level of understanding in Spanish and French as well, he has developed very good understanding in a number of industry sectors with on-the-ground expertise in Brazil and other international markets, as he has become very familiar with those segments in USA, The Netherlands, Australia and with the enormous opportunities in whole territory in Brazil – enhancing business relationships, culture and technical innovations that are being introduced to those markets.

Guilherme is always establishing connections and bringing to the international community substantial high-level meetings with decision makers and politicians which have built the experience and his background, creating possibilities as he has already executed assistance and trade promotion for over 500 Australian and American companies in the Brazilian market, by establishing partnerships, assisting import/export procedures, investments structuring, joint-ventures, marketing and sales activities, not to forget the trade shows participations.

He has great success in creating demonstration projects and feasibility analysis test-fields project-base which included both technical and legal aspects in Brazil in close cooperation with International Governmental Agencies to creating and promoting new opportunities for operations in Brazil and establishing presence for the foreign companies.

Guilherme Miranda Mello
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