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Eva Teig Hardy

Eva Teig Hardy is a Senior Advisor to Potomac International Partners. Prior to joining Potomac’s team, Hardy has established her own consulting firm Strategic Communications and Public Policy and serves on the Corporate Board of the Armada Hoffler Company. Hardy has also served in various roles in the Virginia state government and has remained active in Virginia democratic politics. Finally, she has remained active for three decades in Democratic politics, personally raising close to a million dollars for state and federal candidates. She supported Vice President Biden in the primary.

In 1972, Hardy began 8 years with the City of Portsmouth, Virginia, as an urban planner and the Director of Management and Legislative Services. In that position, she became the top policy assistant to Mayor Richard J Davis, later the Virginia Lieutenant Governor with Democratic Governor (and future US Senator) Charles S. Robb in 1982.  She was then appointed as the Commissioner of the VA Department of Labor and Industry in 1983. In 1986, Hardy was appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services. In 1990, she joined Virginia Power as a Vice President for Government Affairs and then went to the parent company, Dominion Energy in 1997 as a Senior VP for all the states where Dominion Energy did business.

In October 1994, she was selected by President Bill Clinton to travel with him and a small group of Arab Americans and Jewish Americans to Israel and Jordan for the Peace treaty signing between the two countries. President Clinton also appointed her to serve on the Southern States Energy Board.

Hardy previously served for a year as the interim state director for US Senator Mark Warner following his first election and volunteers as Co-Chair of his Statewide Advisory Committee. She has also assisted Sen. Tim Kaine since his time as Mayor of Richmond and Governor of Virginia where she served in his transition team. She was appointed by Governor McAuliffe to serve on his Virginia Higher Education Board Advisory Committee, and she was recently appointed by Governor Ralph Northam as a Commissioner of the Virginia Port Authority.

She graduated from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland in 1965. She received a Master’s Degree in Government and Public Administration from the American University in Washington, DC in 1969. She has won numerous awards over the last thirty years, including the First Oliver Hill Citizen of the Year Award given to her by Mr. Hill; an honorary doctorate of Humanities from Norfolk State University in Virginia; and the Virginia Commonwealth University Wayne Medal for her work in improving and advocating for mental health for children.

Eva Teig Hardy
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