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Lourdes Negrón

Lourdes Negrón is a senior advisor to Potomac International Partners and has a rich history in government and business affairs.  In 1998, she served as Caseworker at the Office of the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico in Washington. Two years later she was appointed Special Assistant and Public Relations Director at the Office of the Former Governors of Puerto Rico under the Puerto Rico Office of Management and Budget.

For the past two decades she has managed the media and government relations for multiple clients in the healthcare, retail, food and beverage, banking and real estate sectors in addition to providing advice to public figures, ensuring accurate public perception and embracement of the institutional mission. She understands and knows the government structure and the key players to get things done.

She also served for eight years as Executive Director of the Foundation of a former Governor of Puerto Rico, where she was responsible for fundraising and outreach efforts from the government, corporations, foundations and individual donors.

Ms. Negrón, a permitting and regulatory expert has a strong background in political fundraising, coalition building and project management. She has collaborated in a variety of government functions for the U.S. Senate and congressional candidates, as well as the Democratic Hispanic Caucus, the Puerto Rico Mayors Association, the Center of Diabetes Control of Puerto Rico, among other organizations.

Lourdes has a proven track record of being able to navigate the city agencies and has built success on a direct approach to problem solving. She is a licensed Public Relations Professional, a licensed real estate agent and is a registered Specialist certified by the Department of the Treasury in Puerto Rico to perform returns, declarations and refund claims.

Lourdes Negrón
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